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    * Tango * Piano Solo
    * Tango * Chamber music
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Copyright © Juan María Solare  2012, all rights reserved
Juan María Solare composer & pianist
Juan Maria Solare - composer and pianist. Foto: Lea Dietrich
    * Contemporary * Piano Solo
    * Contemporary * Chamber Music
My music
(as pianist and/or composer)
in 4 categories:
Talismán (Solare)
by JM Solare
a rolete (Solare)
by the Ensemble Nomade
Mikrovalses (Mihovilcevic)
by JM Solare
De lo subjetivo como forma de expresión (Solare)
by Beidenegl & Solare
Beyond Tango (MIX)
by JM Solare
Tango Monologues (MIX)
by JM Solare
Nacimiento (Solare)
by the Ensemble Tangente
Preludio Invisible Nr. 4 (Solare)
by the choir Voces Bravas (Madrid)
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