Sevilla perfumada de naranjos (single), piano,  by Juan María Solare
Sevilla perfumada de naranjos (single)
Sevilla perfumada de naranjos (single)  by Juan María Solare
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Copyright © Juan María Solare  2017, all rights reserved
Juan María Solare composer & pianist
Juan Maria Solare - composer and pianist. Foto: Lea Dietrich
Sevilla perfumada de naranjos (single), for piano, by Juan María Solare
Janus Music & Sound, JMS-001

Sevilla perfumada de naranjos (single)

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- Music composed, performed and produced by Juan María Solare

- Cover Image: Juan María Solare, based on a picture by
José Luis Martínez, used by permission.
Sevilla perfumada de naranjos is a single for solo piano composed by Juan María Solare (an Argentine musician who lives in Germany). Alternate versions: for piano and for electronic sounds (ambient).

Cover image: by Juan María Solare, based on a photography by José Luis Martínez.

Release: 25 August 2017.

This is a download-only album. If you want a physical edition, you will have to contact the composer and negotiate.

Label Janus Music & Sound,
catalogue number: JMS-997
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Cover Art:
Juan María Solare
(based on a foto by José Luis Martínez)
My first time in Seville was when I was 14. My father took me to a long trip through Europe and one of the stops was Seville. For years, only one thing I remembered from that journey: the smell of the orange blossoms. Much later, when I was 37, I visited Seville again (twice within a few months and for completely different reasons). Although there is much more in Sevilla than orange trees, I prefer to keep the scent.

This piece, that has a duration of about 7 minutes, was composed in Bremen on 12th May 2017 and is dedicated to Lygia Fuentes, from Brasil, whom I got to know in Seville.

For the recording of this piece as single on Spotify & Co. I made two versions: piano solo and piano with ambient electronic pads.

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