Otro lugar, otro tango | Moxi Beidenegl & Juan María Solare
Meeting Point (single)
Meeting Point | música instrumental de Rodrigo Baggio y Juan María Solare (guitarra eléctrica y piano)
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Copyright © Juan María Solare  2017, all rights reserved
Juan María Solare composer & pianist
Juan Maria Solare - composer and pianist. Foto: Lea Dietrich
Meting Point | Rodrigo Baggio & Juan María Solare
Janus Music & Sound, JMS-001

Meeting Point (single)

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1) Beatriz & Jonás
2) Pavilhão
3) Pavilhão (with drums)
4) Beatriz & Jonás (with drums)
- electric guitar: Rodrigo Baggio
- Piano: Juan María Solare
- Cover Art: Juan María Solare sobre una fotografía de Marc Pascual (released in Pixabay under License CC0: free for commercial use, no attribution required).

- Pavilhão was composed in Amsterdam (concretely at Schiphol), Beatriz & Jonás was composed in Bremen.
- Recorded in São Paulo (Brasil) & Bremen (Germany) in September 2017
- Production, Mastering: Juan María Solare

Release: 19 January 2018

Label Janus Music & Sound,
catalogue number: JMS-994.
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Rodrigo Baggio,
electric guitar
Juan María Solare
balada rock latino
Brazilian jazz
Bossa Nova
guitar & piano
Meeting Point is the first collaboration between two legends of Latin music, the Brasilian guitarist Rodrigo Baggio and the Argentine pianist Juan María Solare.

Each of the two instrumental songs in this EP comes in two versions: with or without drums.

Beatriz & Jonás (by Juan María Solare) can recall a rock ballad. Latin rock.

Pavilhão (by Rodrigo Baggio) is strongly rooted in Brasil's folkloric music (did anyone say bossa nova?)
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