Being a composer - by Juan Maria Solare
Being a composer
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Juan María Solare composer & pianist
Juan Maria Solare - composer and pianist. Foto: Lea Dietrich
Copyright © Juan María Solare  2017, all rights reserved

Being a composer


Juan María Solare

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Being a composer
Being a composer | Juan Maria Solare
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I help people to smile and allow them to cry.
I provide new -stimulating and refreshing- aesthetic experiences.
I eliminate hate from people's hearts. Sometimes.
I relieve pain from people's souls. Almost always.
I provide consolation for unsolvable issues or cul-de-sacs.
I strengthen people's belief in life.
I reconnect people with their energy source. Or rather I try to.
I dissolve mental and emotional blockades.
I support humankind's trust in the future. If already available.
I undermine humankind's trust in prejudice.
I would love to write that I solve all problems of the world -both personal and interpersonal- but I don't. At most, I can indicate some of these problems before they explode.
I point out society's contradictions.
I enhance neuronal activity - through staging paradoxes.
I improve people's understanding of other souls, of other cultures, of other sounds.
I slow down the stress of everyday's life.
I speed up people's aptitude for mental multitasking - through counterpoint.
I produce the harmonization of antagonistic forces.
I exemplify the engagement with an unstable vocation.
I increase people's capability of correlating things and therefore -hopefully- their intelligence.
I clean up my audience's ears.
I cast doubt on listening habits - therefore coping with calcifying routine.
I maintain people's awareness awake.
I teach hundreds to do the same - through finding their own way of composing.
I induce aha-experiences on people - what can lead to increase their confidence and competence.
I make people spiritually richer.
I show people that vigour and smoothness are not irreconcilable.

What does it mean that I am a composer?

And yes, I can live on that.

composer Juan Maria Solare
Barro sublevado (Tango Nuevo)

Composer: Juan Maria Solare, performed by the Cafe Tango Orchestra (in Stuttgart, Germany, on 24th September 2011). Conductor: Judy Ruks. This piece is dedicated to Juliane Dehning.
Difficult To Say How Long
(post-tonal music)

Composer: Juan Maria Solare,
performed by himself (at the University Bremen on 20th June 2011). Music comissioned for the film ZIMA, by Katarina Stankovich.
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